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Magnalube-G reduces gearbox breakdowns.

 — Factory Cleaning Equipment’s Purchasing Manager, David Langowski

When Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. ( of Aurora, Illinois services an industrial cleaning machine, they mean business. As the largest supplier of industrial sweepers and scrubbers in the Midwest, Factory Cleaning Equipment’s team of 2 in-house and 6 field technicians must service 15 Factory Cat ( brand machines each week. The result is a company that is serious about lowering the costs associated with machine maintenance by decreasing service intervals and reducing mechanical wear.

Factory Cleaning Equipment offers 8 different models of Factory Cat machines that can face a multitude of harsh factory environments. These machines clean oily machine shops, assembly plants, car dealerships, beverage and food manufacturing factories, distribution facilities, metal fabrication facilities, bulk powder processing plants, wood mills, and more. Thus, the sweepers and scrubbers process large quantities of liquid and debris such as oil, dirt, dust, metal shavings, foundry sand, bolts, paper, and wood. However, the maintenance challenge for Factory Cleaning Equipment doesn’t end with liquid and debris; the machines they supply regularly encounter a wide range of temperature and weather conditions that could lead to extra wear, even on the best made machines.

The solution for Factory Cleaning Equipment is to use a lubricant that can function exceptionally well in diverse conditions, over an extended period of time. For the last 10 years, the lubricant that has met this requirement is Magnalube-G. As a specialized lubricant, Magnalube-G’s Elastomer/PTFE technology allows mechanical equipment to maintain performance over time better than other greases. The PTFE in Magnalube-G binds to imperfections in moving parts to improve and restore smooth surfaces while maintaining an ultra smooth lubricating film within the gearbox.

These unique properties make Magnalube-G a perfect solution for many machines including those serviced by Factory Cleaning Equipment. In fact, the PTFE will mitigate the impact of past stress on the machines, and the consistency of the oil film offers extended protection from future wear. That is why, according to the company’s purchasing manager, David Langowski, “Magnalube-G reduces gearbox breakdowns and prevents wearing down of the chain brush drives and bearings.”

…it works so well for us that I call it magic grease.

 — Factory Cat’s Parts Purchasing Manager, Phil Rigby

How did Factory Cleaning Equipment find Magnalube-G? The manufacturer, Factory Cat, recommended the product because Magnalube-G is an ideal lubricant for the varied mechanisms of their machinery. Factory Cat has been building top quality cleaning equipment since 1986, and like any anyone who has been in business that long they spend a lot of time focusing on quality control. Factory Cat’s Parts Manager, Phil Rigby, said that after testing multiple greases, Magnalube-G was “the clear choice.” According to Mr. Rigby, it was the only grease that maintained its consistency over time after being exposed to the high temperatures within the gearbox and “did not harden and turn to paste…it works so well for us that I call it magic grease.”

Of course, there is nothing magic about Magnalube-G, just a commitment to quality and solving problems for our customers. According to Magnalube, LLC. CEO, Ashley Russo, “Solid companies like Factory Cat spend a lot of time making sure that what they sell will last in order to keep people coming back. Discerning customers like Mr. Rigby are the core of our business—they understand that nothing is more important than the investments they make in the quality of the products they sell.”

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